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The special features of the DAVOSA Apnea Diver by Nik Linder



What is so special about this watch and why is it a “freediving” watch? Those are probably the most frequently posed questions as soon as you see the Apnea Diver for the first time.

Can you turn the inner ring and is this what the second, top crown is used for? And is it a special function a freediver depends on? No and yes.

In this blog article we will go over the design of the watch and explain what the respective functions are used for.




The top crown - Expand your mind

You don’t need to spend time underwater like Nik Linder to recognise that man is not the measure of all things. Beyond our mind lies a far greater dimension: the oce­an, for example, the universe, the divine. In yoga, union with a higher state of consciousness is symbolised by the crown chakra – the most important chakra of all for Nik Linder. Which is why in the DAVOSA Apnea Diver, we have positioned the screwed crown that sets the time at 12 o’clock.



Apnea_Diver_2017_Geh-useThe right-hand crown  - Just as innovative on land

Unlike the top crown, the positioning of the right-hand crown has a purely functional character. A gentle twist of the crown at 3 o’clock releases the watch container from the case. It can be taken out and safely erected using the hinged ring.

This innovation makes the DAVOSA Apnea Diver much more than a timepiece – even on dry land. It enab­les Nik Linder to make time visible to everyone when practicing alternate nostril breathing, for example, but also for talks and training courses.




Breathing ring  - Colourful breathing aid

The blue, white and red ring is what we call a breathing ring. It helps you train and adhere to the vital rules of alternate nostril breathing.

 A breath is taken during the five-second blue phase, it is held for 15 seconds (white area) and then air is expelled over 10 seconds (red area). With the help of this colour code, the freediver can concentrate fully on this vital breathing exercise without needing to count or use a stopwatch. In freediving it’s all about the seconds, which is why the second hand bears a red tip, enabling exact reading of the seconds at all times.




The reminder on the wrist - Relax and unwind!

Almost every participant of Nik Linder’s apnea courses claims to be seeking a chal­lenge and relaxation at the same time. This may appear counterintuitive. Yet many participants are in their 20s to mid-40s. Most are highly ambitious and take an active role in job and family. So it makes sense that they’re not only looking for a challenge, but also a way to stay calm.

Breath training teaches you how to breathe stress away – but it doesn’t stop it buil­ding up in the first place. With the DAVOSA Apnea Diver on your wrist, however, you carry a constant reminder to pause and take a deep breath.




Your trusted companion

And even apart from that the Apnea is a diver’s watch through and through - it combines function, innovation, quality and design: optimum conditions for successful dives.

You can find all technical data in the respective product listing (see below: “Matching poducts” or use the main menu “Gents” -> “Apnea Diver”).

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