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Travelling is not just changing people

Since the beginning of the year, freediver Nik Linder and his DAVOSA Argonautic Bronze have been on a trip around the world, not only to gain personal impressions, but also to observe how the watch changes over time and which "impressions" it takes with it travels and breathtaking dives. We asked Nik for an interim conclusion and asked him to tell us a few impressions of the past few months:

"The first months of my 2019 trip are behind me. When I look at the pictures on my computer, they complete into a movie in my head. It was the dives with the whales, dives that you can do only rarely and with special permits. It's the experience of seat-tracking in Croatia, the diving in the Atlantic off Madeira or the adventures with a breath in the wrecks of the Red Sea.

My DAVOSA Argonautic Bronze Limited Edition was always on my wrist. A special watch, which formsa a patina in a short time and  shows the traces of these breathtaking moments, in a very own way. Travelling is not just changing people. For the past six months, I have dived with whales, dolphins, sharks and many friendly people. I felt the water in the seas, rivers and lakes. During my Seatrekking tour in Croatia I stayed at the beach while the sea was blowing and the wind was blowing.

Nik Linder was not only on a journey for DAVOSA. He also worked on releasing the book "Apnea and Meditation: Relaxing with Relaqua to Success" in english, which he published in 2017 together with Phil Simha. He also told us a little anecdote about this:

"When I recently returned to my publishing house in Stuttgart to talk about the English language version of our successful book "Apnea and Meditation", I had to laugh. When I looked out of the window in the office of my editor, I saw the insurance company where I made many years ago my apprenticeship as an insurance salesman. It's the same train station and I remember how unhappy I was to get on and off the tube with all the other workers. Although the term "burnout" did not exist then, it was known that there was some kind of mental exhaustion. To counteract this mental exhaustion, we were advised in internal training to avoid the monotony of daily work by now and then choosing a different way to work to to create a change and increase the mindfulness. Today I was asked by DAVOSA to review the last few months. When I look at these months, I am happy today that I really changed my life in those days and at some point did not even get on the subway - but went into the water. Being a diver was not an apprenticeship and yet I am glad that I have found my vocation today.

It's not always easy to live free, but it's worth it for me. Even if I seldom look into the past, encounters and experiences, friendships, setbacks, successes, strokes of fate and much more have left their mark. On my watch, the traces of the last few months are clearly visible and when I look at them, I also see the sperm whales off Mauritius, the dolphins in Egypt, the wreck in Madeira, the rain shower in Croatia and much more."

Nik gives a small impression of the book in these interviews:

The big journey, which we accompany together with Nik for you, goes on in the next months. We keep you up to date on our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. Nik Linder can accompany you here on Facebook.

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